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  • Books From Local Author Fred Park Have Been Added In the Shop!

    “That new deputy sheriff came by here yesterday.  It
    seems there’s been some cattle stolen down south of here,
    and the law is looking into it.”
         “A real sheriff?” I asked.  I had heard of him a couple of
    years earlier, but we never actually saw things like “the
    law”. “What did he look like?”
         “Just a deputy. Substantial guy, though” Unc told me. 
    “He had on a tan uniform and a hat like a drill sergeant
    wears, with a tall peak and dented in on four sides. 
    Narrow, straight brim.  Carried a whale of a gun, too.  He
    asked a lot of questions until I set him straight.  I think he


    wanted to hang around and talk to Elaine a little longer, but
    then your grandmother came out and glared at him until he
         “You set him straight?”
         “Sure.  I told him there’s only three paved roads for
    anyone to truck cattle out of this country, and none of them
    are near the Perkins place.  East to Idaho, south to
    Nevada, or northwest toward Burns.  I gave him the
    directions to the Burns Junction, so he wouldn’t get lost,
    and I figured that was all he needed to know.”  Unc was
         That ended that, I guessed.  I would have liked seeing
    the deputy, though.  Not exactly a cowboy, but at least he
    wore a good hat and carried a six-shooter.  Rats.